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Welcome to AllStar Beer, Wine and Liquor Delivery

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Beer, Wine and Liquor Delivery right to your Door


 Ordering Beer and Alcohol has never been easier. Pay be Cash, Bebit or credit card at the door! You call us to confirm, text your address and order and get your drink in less than an hour.

Order your favorite Wine or Liquor and we deliver it right in your door.

 Whether you live in Toronto or Maple, North York, Markham, Richmond Hill,  or Vaughan, we are the beer home delivery for you! We offer Booze delivery from anywhere in above GTA locations—our team can get it to your house , your apartment or your gathering.

You can order during the same hours as the LCBO or The Beer Store in your area—sadly, we do not offer 24 hour delivery in Toronto .

We Charge $10 Delivery in our core Areas plus 25% management fee and $5 pickup fees. Please contact for more details. for out of area we usually charge $1 per KM like uber delivery.

You Order More ! You Save More!



If you are loyal customer of us, so we are loyal to you too! 

You order More save more as for extra bottle orders you get 30% off the first item (i.e. if you order bottle for $80 and you order 2 or more bottle you save $25 for each additional bottle i.e. $55)

Liquor Delivery in less than an One Hour!


1. Delivery charge ($10 in Core area)

2. Pickup your Order From Store($5 in Core Area)

3. Management Fee to make sure we are in business to continue to serve you (varies from your location and time of order and it range from 25% and up)

4. Guaranteed delivery less than an hour applies at no rush hour times or out of our core area or weekend. Ask if this may  apply to you. & testimonials


Allstar Home Delivery  is License to deliver alcohol and is adhere to all laws and regulations of industry.


Intended User

By accessing any area of, the user acknowledges this notice, and agrees to the terms and conditions, set out below. Except where stated otherwise,  You may not use the Web site if you are under 19 years of age. Allstar Home Delivery strictly enforces the use of our service and will not serve under age persons. You are not to use the Sites to purchase alcohol unless you and the alcohol recipient are 19 or older and present a valid photo identification(s) verifying your age at the time of alcohol delivery if we are not sure of your age.

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